Daauw Mission

The promotion of a mutual and respectful understanding between travellers and] local people in regards to one another’s cultures and customs through a process of cultural exchange, by encouraging dialogue between the Lao Mountain people and travellers and by our sharing our daily life.

Kajsiab means a flower that blooms, a heart that opens, a love that suddenly springs. It is the name of a beloved sister who died at the age of thirteen as a result of a minor infection that could have been easily cured with access to basic healthcare.

But it is also the name of the project founded in her memory. It is the name of an Initiative in which local people, with the help of a few kind-hearted foreign volunteers, are dedicating their lives to reducing poverty and increasing education and opportunities in the area in which she lived. It is an Initiative that means that Kajsiab may not have died in vain.

Daauw means: a star. Daauw Village is named after the little baby girl of one of the mothers of all Kajsiab Children, who died 8 months old from diarrhea caused by food shortage, poor hygiene and one of the main problems in the mountain villages due to lack of self-sustainability: drug addiction.

May this Initiative support all Kajsiab’s intentions to improve life health and happiness.