10 Years Kajsiab Kids

Kajsiab Shelter houses children from the mountain villages since 10 years. Children learn creative skills so they can use their skills when they are grown up to break the cycle of poverty. They go to school and get healthy nutritious food.

We could never have done that without your help.Now we need to focus to find new sponsors for our Kajsiab Children’s Care and Education Fund.


Below here we share some pictures from 10 years Kajsiab Children!

Some of these children are now parents with their own children have have succeeded in breaking the cycle of poverty.

We have some previous volunteers who after many years still help us to give the children a good education. You have all been here at Kajsiab Shelter and Daauw Home. You have shared the life and work here, made friendships with the mountain people and the children.
You all have experienced first-hand the challenges we have faced the past years trying to get all the children to school and trying to give them the care they need.
You all have helped and contributed and pioneered to make our work possible.

Thanks to all your work and to the commitment of Kajsiab Team we can try to meet the needs of the Kajsiab Children. Besides education and creative skills we give the children books to go to school with, extra trainings they need and provide them with clean clothes and healthy, nutritious food. We also initiated a Health Bank where people can donate to so that they can in the future have the medical care they need.

We want to thank the Kajsiab Team for their unconditional love and care for the children of the mountains and we want to thank you to make our work possible

We still need help for the school costs of 16 of the 20 children for this upcoming school year.
Any contribution tot he Kajsiab Children’s care and Health Bank is very welcome and much needed. 
You can make a donation here

We will soon write more about all the Kajsiab children and show you who they all are, there personal stories and their dreams for the future!

You can read already about Leej, who is now grown up, still attending school and learning website design. This is his story Leej Life.