Volunteer in Laos- Daauw Village Huay Xai

We warmly welcome you, the traveller, discoverer, explorer and wanderer of the world at Daauw Village in Huay Xai, Laos. At Daauw Village you can find Daauw Restaurant, Daauw Home; Bungalows and Homestay , Daauw Woman Empowerment Shop; Local Products and Daauw trips: Volunteer in Laos, take part in the cultural exchange and in the future Daauw organic Farm

Daauw Village is run and owned by the local Lao Mountain People and is initiated to gather funds for Kajsiab Initiative.

All profits from Daauw Village go directly towards:
  • Kajsiab Initiative includes Kajsiab Shelter, where the people of the mountains can stay while visiting the hospital and can do educational training and workshops, and cultural exchange activities.
  • Kajsiab Women’s workplace, where women of the mountains make their local products with Kajsiab Creations. The products are sold online and at the local Woman Empowerment Shop (Daauw Local Products)
  • Kajsiab Children Care and Education. Kajsiab Initiative is right at Daauw Village which makes it possible for the visitor and volunteer to experience firsthand the results of the activities of Kajsiab.
  • Kajsiab Villages, where Kajsiab Team builds toilets and water systems and leads informal educational health workshops.

We wish you a wonderful stay and thank you for supporting Kajsiab Initiative.

Kajsiab Team.