Huay Xai Restaurant
and Lounge Cafe
Daauw Food and Restaurant
Huay Xai Accommodation
and Homestay
Picture of the lounge of Huay Xai on Daaw Village
Laos Local Products:
Creations & Giftcards
Gift Cards and other local products from Daauw Village Laos Huay Xai.
​Volunteering and Cultural Exchange in Huay Xai, Laos
Picture of people in different country volunteering for daauw village

Kajsiab Kids Education Fund needs your help especially now

Daauw Village Huay Xai Restaurant, Accommodation and Homestay

We warmly welcome you, the traveller, discoverer, explorer, volunteer and wanderer of the world at Daauw Village in Huay Xai, Laos. At Daauw Village you can find Daauw Restaurant, Daauw Home; Accommodation and Home stay, Daauw Woman Empowerment Shop; Local Products and Daauw trips: Volunteering and cultural exchange and in the future Daauw organic Farm

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Daauw People

Kajsiab Initiative is a small grassroots initiative that with its unique combination of Hmong and Western perspectives on matters such as education, healthcare and woman’s issues, is selflessly seeking to improve the lives and health of some of the poorest people in the country.

Kajsiab Family focuses on improving the lives of the mountain people by offering information concerning health and education, training and exchange of skills and customs between the mountain people and volunteers.

Kajsiab seeks to empower the mountain people and works with new ways to earn an income and new skill to remain self-sustainable in the mountains.

Kajsiab and Daauw Mission

The promotion of a mutual and respectful understanding between travelers and] local people in regards to one another’s cultures and customs through a process of cultural exchange, by encouraging dialogue between the Lao Mountain people and travelers and by our sharing our daily life.

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Volunteering ​At Huay Xai, Laos

Volunteering aims to help the Laos Daauw People in their day to day lives. Volunteering in Laos with project Kajsiab means a lot to us. This is a great opportunity to help others by sharing your knowledge and time.

How to book ​in as a volunteer  and extra info

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Kajsiab Shelter
Kajsiab homestay
Kajsiab Womens Workplace
Women's workplace and craft
Kajsiab Children Care
and Education
Kajsiab learning and education
Kajsiab Cultural Exchange
and Traineeship

Urgent donations needed for Ou's hospital bills.

Kajsiab Family: Why Donate?

Donate and you help turn the Dream of Kajsiab Family into a Reality. Donate and you are helping to improve the lives of some of the poorest people in South-East Asia.Donate and you are doing a good thing.

Yes I want to Support Kajsiab Family Laos

Kajsiab Kids Education Fund needs your help especially now

Kajsiab Kids Education Fund needs your help especially now