Huay Xai Accomodation and Homestay

"Where ever you go, go with all your heart" Confucius

Thank you for your interest in our activities and choosing Huay Xai Accommodation & Homestay.

Daauw Home has beautiful wooden bungalows for 100.000 kip and 120.000 kip ( for exchange rates)

The wooden bungalows have a private bathroom with toilet and shower inside, double bed and a private balcony with the possibility to have an extra bed. 

bungalow in daauw homestay.

Rooms – 80.000 kip (single or dorm)

homestay area

Rooms – 100.000 kip (with fan) 

bungalow on daauw homestay

Rooms – 120.000 kip (with aircon)

Booking is possible by sending an email to  Within one week you receive an email with detailed information. You can confirm by replying to this email. Once you have received a booking confirmation your booking is complete.

We wish you a wonderful stay and thank you for supporting Kajsiab Initiative

Kajsiab Team