Kajsiab - Daauw Children

Hello everybody!

We are the Daauw Children and and live with 45 people at Kajsiab Shelter. We feel very happy and lucky to be here and try to build up a healthy happy life here. We want to go to school and change our future. We want to break the circle of poverty and give our children a happy and healthy self sustainable life. We can do this when we have access to education.

Daauw Village is a non-profit socially minded Lao-Hmong company dedicated to empower the mountain people of Laos.
Kajsiab Shelter seeks to improve the lives of the Lao people in Bokeo Province in Northern Laos through partnerships and exchange activities between the local people and volunteers.
You can help us to educate these children. Donating every month an amount to Daauw Village helps these children to build a future of their own, with their future children.

Without drugs.
Without poverty.
Without illness and the struggle to survive.

You can help us with donations so we can have access to education. Donate directly on this page or send us an email on projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com

Luna is the first child of Mia Jaa and Jaa. Jaa has no parents to take care of him so he stayed a long time at Kajsiab Shelter. Now he is married with Mia Jaa who tries to learn how to run a restaurant and cook delicious foods. Luna is now 4 years old and almost ready to go to school! From this summer on she will go to school and she is very excited about that.

Pawnia has been living at Kajsiab Shelter since 5 years and is still going to school. He really likes school. He likes to help everybody in the Kajsiab Shelter too. Pawnia is happy here. When somebody has a problem, he sits with them and let them think of something else or let them talk. He plays a lot and tries to make people feel good.

This is Henry. Henry is 5 months old, the little son of Baauw and Houa who are still teenagers and will build up a life at the Organic Daauw Farm. Baauw will start to work with volunteers also. Henry is very cute and happy little boy and very lucky to have Baauw and Houa as parents!

Beer is the first son of Au who were still teenagers when Beer was born. Au and Mia Au are trying to build up a self sustainable life and try to give their children a good education and future.

They learn new skills at Daauw Home.

Beer is a very cute child who is eager to learn and very independent.

Malia is the youngest daughter of Ning. Ning is already 4 years at Kajsiab Shelter. She lost two husbands due to drugs.

Malia had a very hard time in the beginning and creid the whole day. Now she is grown into a happy naughty little girl who really enjoys school and plays a lot and smiles a lot.

This is Sky

Sky is the little brother of Luna. Sky is very cute and naughty and he just got 2 years old.

This is Kayan, Beer's little brother, born at Kajsiab Shelter. Kayan and Beer always play together, with anything like leaves, small stones, empty bottles and sand. Everything that is available in nature is a game for these two little boys!

Djuu is the little brother of Hnong and he is not very strong so it is good for him to stay in the shelter with healthy foods. He has problems with sleeping and his health. We think that this is a result of his past, losing his two fathers due to drug abuse. We hope soon he will do better and better.

Zjong Noi

This little girl came in only last week, with her very addicted mother who wanted to give her away because she lost her other child who died of hunger and beating up.
Her little brother died silently and her parents only found out a few days later that he was not moving in the bed.
We took her in. She cried her lungs out when her mother left her. Back to the addition.
She is safe now.

Po-Ong is here since 1 year. Her parents went to jail last year because of false accusations about selling drugs.  Po-Ong's grandparents did not let her go to school so she left to find Kajsiab Shelter. Po-Ong's parents agreed with this so she could to go to school even this is very modern for a girl.

Now Po-Ong is doing very well and going to school here.

Ing lives already for a while at the shelter. She used to care for her younger siblings by myself for 2 years when she was 10 years old. Fetch water, work on vegetable garden, get rice, cook rice, give a bath to my siblings, boil water, make food, and work on the rice field.

Ing likes to live in the shelter very much and likes to go to school and wants to continue to study.

This is Lily, 20  years old.

Lily used to go to an orphanage school. There was never enough food and it was a hard time. When Lily was 17 she came to Kajsiab

She studied in high school and wants to continue to study nurse and maybe become a doctor

She loves to dance and exercise every morning.

This is Hnong

Hnong is the sister of Malia.

Hnong was very traumatized when she arrived at Kajsiab. She thought her mother did not love her. Now she is doing very well and she is taking care ff all the cats and other animals, especially when they do not have a mother

This is Joshua, the son of Zjong and Bounchan. Joshua is born here and very lucky to be the son of Zjong, the mother of all the children here who have no parents to look after them and to love them. Joshua is a very strong minded happy little boy and has a lot to give for the future.

This is Leej, 19 years old.
Leej is an orphan and has been living at Kajsiab Shelter since 4 years. He had a very difficult childhood and is so happy that now his life is changing in a good way since he is here.

This is Ong, Leej's brother. Ong has had a very hard childhood with nobody to take care of him when his mother died. Ong is now 16 years old and enjoying the school and friends. He wants to become a guide and work with travelers from all over the world. 


This is Laa, the oldest son of Ning and already becoming quite a teenager! He is happy and naughty and it is so good to see him smile this much! Hopefully he will be able to help his small brother Djuu to find those happy moments in life.

This is Sue

Sue lost his mother when he was still a baby and had a very tough first couple of years. Since he is living at the shelter he is now finally doing very well. Sue is, like Laa, a real teenager already and to see him grow into a very social boy is so good to see.

Ting has been living in the shelter for a very long time.  He really likes the cultural exchange activities with travelers from all over the world. He is always helping everybody and plays a lot. He will be very good at speaking English soon!

Ou has been living for quite some years at the shelter because his parents can not look after him. Last year Ou got very ill and almost died due to mastoiditis. Thanks to many people he was able to get surgery and he is now completely healed. Ou is going to school and likes that.