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Arts and crafts of Laos: Creations & Giftcards

"Here is to strong women:
May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them."

Since the beginning of the Kajsiab Initiative, Kajsiab Creations are a very important part of encouraging self-confidence and empowerment by the women of the mountains. With the combined efforts of local people, sponsors, and passionate volunteers, we have built a Women’s Workplace. The Laos local products are sold in the Woman Empowerment Shop of Daauw restaurant and it is possible to order the unique handmade products online.

With the combined efforts of local people, sponsors, and passionate volunteers, we have built a Women’s Workplace.

The Women's Workplace is the center for informal workshops, gatherings, informative talks and meetings.  We work mainly informal and small scale so that the women feel comfortable, at home and do not feel rushed or pushed into any direction they do not want.

We make decisions on an intuitive level which means that we do not work with any scedules or measurements so that the women can improve on a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level. The main goal of Kajsiab Creations and the other projects of the Women Program is that the women find a new way to become self sustainable and become strong self confident women who know what direction they wish to take in life.

Some of the women decide to make the local products their income source. These women remain connected to Kajsiab even after they left the project and we help them to build up their own company or shop and help to advertise their products.

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Kajsiab Creations works with women who live in the mountains who make traditional handmade wall hangings. Each wall hanging is authentic and unique. 

Kajsiab Creations also works with women who have been working or are currently working in the Women's Workplace. They make traditional handmade products with a modern touch and work on new idea's and products using traditional skills.

 People can order the products from both groups online and/or buy in the shop of Daauw Restaurant.

Kajsiab believes that empowerment of women is an essential step on a path that will ultimately lead to improvement in the living conditions of the financially poor people of the rural, mountain villages in Bokeo Province. In and around the Women’s Workplace women from villages of the surrounding area will come to learn new skills, attend training courses that will further their employment opportunities and boost their confidence; they learn how to sell and get a fair price for their product and they learn how to bring more money to their families. 

You can support the women from the mountains by ordering their unique products. Send us an email at projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com​

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