Kajsiab People

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Daauwv Team

We are Daauw Team
We all live in the Kajsiab Shelter and help each other to empower the mountain people and each other and work with new ways to earn an income and new skill to remain self-sustainable in the mountains.

10 years Project Kajsiab Laos

We are Project Kajsiab Laos.
We promote mutual and respectful understanding between travelers and local people in Laos on culture and customs by encouraging dialogue, sharing daily life together and working together on projects to improve the lives and health of local women and their children and families.

 10 years Kajsiab Kids

Kajsiab Shelter houses children from the mountain villages since 10 years. Children learn creative skills so they can use their skills when they are grown up to break the cycle of poverty. They go to school and get healthy nutritious food. 

Why does Kajsiab Shelter help children to go to school in Laos, a developing country?Education combats poverty and


3 of our young people at Kajsiab will go to college upcoming year – that is – only


“Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. Gandhi             


Hi everybody!Now the rains are coming soon in Laos at Project Kajsiab Shelter…..we need to prepare for the


Meet Ong! Hi everybody!I am 18 years old.My Village where I was born and lived is Baan Pha