Leej Life

Hello I am Leej!

Nice to meet all of you. I am Leej, 19 years old.

I am an orphan and have been living at Kajsiab Shelter since 4 years. I have had a very difficult childhood and I am so happy that now my life is changing in a good way since I am here.

On this page I will tell you more about me and my life experiences.

Basic Information


Highschool and training English and website building


Huay Xai, Bokeo, Lao P.D.R.





My hobbies

Play Kato
Play football
Enjoy the nature
Play games

My school life

School Friends

After Exams.....

On my way to school

My travel experiences

A few years ago I went to Luang Prabang and visited very nice places in the area.

Last year we visited Phu Si Fa, a famous mountain in Thailand with the Kajsiab team members.

This is a beautiful temple in Chiang Rai I visited half a year ago.

My home when I was a child

2001 - 2011



Pha Deng

Ban Djon Djut

Ban Huay Xai Daauw Home Kajsiab

My Home at Daauw Home Kajsiab

Important things in my life

Family is most important in life. Start your own family and have a good family makes you happy. 

I want to be happy in my life.

I want to have 4 children when I start my own family.

Important people in my life

This is Lara. Lara tries to help everybody at Daauw Home Kajsiab to find a way to live a good life.

This is Zjong. Zjong is the mother of all the children here at Daauw Home Kajsiab and she has a very good heart, taking care of everybody.

Important people in my life

This is Nzoua. He teaches everybody here to try to find a good future. 

This is Bounchan. He is like the father of everybody here. He shows how to be a good person and to do good.