Huay Xai Restaurant and Lounge Cafe

We welcome you to enjoy our family atmosphere and relax around the campfire. Our Huay Xai restaurant is a place where you can come when you want to take your time and experience authentic mountain people’s traditions.

Huay Xai Restaurant Opening hours: Traditional wood fire cooked mountain style meals, Laotian dishes and mountain style pizza's from our local handmade pizza oven every day from 5 PM till 11 PM. During the day the restaurant is open on request, except during Kajsiab workshops. Ask the Kitchen Team for details.

All profits from the restaurant and homestay in Daauw Village go directly towards the Kajsiab Shelter (right next to the kitchen) where currently more than 30 people from the mountains live to learn before going back to their village.

The food you will be enjoying comes from the local markets and villages and is bought an hour before we open the restaurant at 5 pm. We never serve food prepared in advance.

The mountain people have a high nutrition standard considering preparing food and they will never make food in advance or even heat up rice that is cooked at 6 pm in a microwave. Even mashed chili peppers that people order with their food they only make on order, never in advance. Our prices are low compared to the value of our food so that most visitors are able to enjoy our unique high quality food

The mountain people are very proud of their skills and the food you will be enjoying is of unique standards, organic and fresh. This means you can take your time to enjoy the warm atmosphere at Daauw Home! Relax around the campfire, listen to stories and music and remember: Quality takes time. .

Suggestion: enjoy a plate of local rice crackers as a starter.

For medical issues or special diets please do inform Kajsiab Team and ask for more information in the restaurant.