Kajsiab Shelters for Women and Children

Right next to Daauw restaurant is Kajsiab Shelter for women and children. This Shelter provides short stays for the people who come down from the mountains when they visit doctor or government offices, take care of family members in the hospital, or need informal information or education.

Kajsiab Shelter for Women and Children also provides long term stays for mostly single mothers to do the Kajsiab Self Sustainability Program. When the women enter the Program they work at Daauw Home and Daauw restaurant and work with Kajsiab Team and volunteers from all over the world with the doing cultural exchange, which improves the self confidence of the local women and widens their perspective.

The Kajsiab Shelter houses many children.​ All children have at least one family member connected to Kajsiab. The children are in the Kajsiab Children Care and Education Program. 

​Kajsiab Shelter is funded by all Daauw Village activities: 

Daauw Home Stay, Bungalows and Dorms (in the near future Daauw Home will also haveTipi's)

• Income of Daauw Home goes to the running costs of Kajsiab Shelter for the mountain people

• Activities include cultural exchange of knowledge and culture between travellers and mountain people

• Daauw Home provides Traineeships for the mountain people. They learn how to run their own homestay​ and how to have a cultural understanding.

​Daauw Home Restaurant, Fireplace and Pizza Oven

• Income of Daauw Home Restaurant goes to the running costs of Kajsiab Shelter for the mountain people

• Activities include exchange of knowledge and culture between​ travellers and mountain people (language & cultural differences)

• Daauw Home Restaurant provides Traineeships fo mountain people. They  learn to run their own restaurant and learn to connect with travelers in the english conversation classes.

Cultural Exchange Activities and Volunteering

The cultural exchange activities and volunteering are a project in itself that helps the mountain people and travelers to learn to understand each other's culture, to widen their perspectives andto  improve their self esteem and focus on the future and a healthy and self sustainable live. The income of these activities is funing the costs of these activities.

Kajsiab Creations local products is funding the Women's Workplace.​