Volunteer Groups

15 – 7 – 2020
Ten days ago we started an truly breathtaking cultural exchange experience, an Art Project coordinated by the 4 pioneers of Relais 66 Scout Group from Belgium and mediators-coaches Zjong and Lara from Kajsiab.

I bow for the four leaders of Relais 66. Such warm hearted, respectful, understanding and passionate souls, blending in the different cultures into their games and creative workshops, seemingly effortless for everybody who joined, but such a hard work behind the scenes, not only physically but also emotionally. Giving all their love and energy the whole day and evening and thanks to these pioneers, and Zjong, Lara, the young Belgian Scouts and the young Laotian mountain people this exchange was a great success.
This marks the second phase of one of the programs of Project Kajsiab Laos, the Sexual Health program; prevention and education, and the Program Exchange of knowledge and ideas about Gender Equality and the Role of Women in Life, Media and in the rapidly changing world in Laos.
All Kajsiab people want to thank Charlene, Sophia, Ophelie and Marguerite for their input and passion and all the 66 Relais Scouts for the amazing time, the very cool games, the genuine contact and connection and the vibrant passion during these days. We also want to thank all the Kajsiab adolescents who gave their love and energy and truly opened their hearts and minds to the friends they just met concerning these sometimes intense subjects. We all hope to keep contact and to re-connect and remember and cherish our new friendships.
Hereby some pictures from the first couple of days!