Laos Hmong bags embroidered traditional symbols


Kajsiab began many years ago with just a few wooden planks to show visitors the unique handmade artwork the women from the mountains make. Soon we had a real shop; The Woman Empowerment Shop we named it, to provide help for women, right at the Daauw Home Restaurant. A few years later we built the Women’s Workplace, where the local women make embroideries and other artworks, using their traditional skills and adding a modern touch.

Many workshops have been done in the past years and eventually drawing, making notebooks, painting and making embroideries are the workshops that are succesful, not only by selling them but also in making them.  The Women;s Workplace is also the center ofInformal computer classes, English conversation classes and informal talks about sexual education, raising children, healthy equal personal relationships and hygiene.

People can order the local products that the women make in the Workplace and in the Villages online too.  The women from the workplace can make  up to 50 or even 100 pieces as long as they realize that all products are unique and colors will always be slightly different. The women in the villages make unique products of which each item is different. The women from both groups mostly make bags, wall hangings, pillowcases, notebooks, passport holders, earrings,necklaces, and clothing.
Buyers of the products are mostly visitors of Daauw Home, volunteers and the group of people all over the world that is connected with Kajsiab and order online. The Women’s Workplace has tried a lot the past years and we are all proud and happy with our work, we name: Kajsiab Creations.

The women of Kajsiab Creations can generate a sufficient income with their work if you help them buying their products and save their traditional skills!


We are Hmong people from Laos living at the Kajsiab Shelter. In our Women’s Workoplace we make beautiful embroidered art work. We are very proud of our skills that we have learned from our mothers and grandmothers.
To make one piece of embroidery takes many days and many hours of patiently sitting together, sew and talk about life, while ate the same time watching our children and feed our babies.
When you buy our embroideries you help us and Project Kajsiab Laos and you also help to save our traditional skills for future generations.
All our symbols in our embroidery work have meaning.

These handmade bags are typical Hmong style and can be made in other colors or symbols too, to fit your own fashion style.