Flashback Memories

Kajsiab Laos wants to thank the people who donated this difficult year 2020 with so many challenges for all of us. You supported project Kajsiab Children's Care and Education and the Kajsiab Women and we are so very grateful.
Most of you have all been here at Kajsiab Shelter and Daauw Home. You have shared the life and work here, made friendships with the mountain people and the children. You all have experienced first-hand the challenges we have faced the past years trying to get all the children to school and trying to give them the care they need and coaching the women to build up a self sustainable life. You all have helped and contributed and pioneered to make our work possible.
Thanks to all your work and Kajsiab Team’s work and to the commitment of Kajsiab Team we can try to meet the needs of the Kajsiab Women and Children.
We try to find new self-sustainability activities but we will always need extra funds for the children’s education. Besides school fees, we give the children books to go to school with, extra trainings they need and provide them with clean clothes and healthy, nutritious food..
It would help project Kajsiab Laos so much if we could find some more sponsors for the children. Once we have more people donating 10 euro a month or any amount we will be able to keep doing our work.
You can always send us a message at projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com or donate directly here:

We are Project Kajsiab Laos.
We are Daauw Kajsiab Team.
We promote mutual and respectful understanding between travelers and local people in Laos on culture and customs by encouraging dialogue, sharing daily life together and working together on projects to improve the lives and health of local women and their children and families.
We are dedicated to empower the mountain people of Laos.
We seek to improve the lives of the Lao people in Bokeo Province in Northern Laos through partnerships and exchange activities between the local people and volunteers .

It has been a rough and challenging ride, a completely new way of building up a project.
We can proudly say, looking back at the past 10 years that the project, completely owned, managed and run by the Lao mountain people is a success story.

You can read more about us here: