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Happy Lao Newyear to all of you

Happy Lao Newyear to all of you🥰…….and……..Welcome to this world little Ingo Vue……born 14 April on the day of Lao Newyear…that you may bring luck and happiness and have a beautiful life️Dairy StoriesLive your life with Love, Passion and Dedication Last week I had a few talks with two of my students from Kajsiab Shelter.I […]

Corona Crisis

What a year it has been…….. Laos border are closed exactly one year now…….We are at Kajsiab very proud of each other that we managed to survive and have been together very creative to find solutions to get other forms of income now the restaurant and guesthouse are closed.Eevery month it is been a struggle and […]

Flashback Memories

Kajsiab Laos wants to thank the people who donated this difficult year 2020 with so many challenges for all of us. You supported project Kajsiab Children’s Care and Education and the Kajsiab Women and we are so very grateful.Most of you have all been here at Kajsiab Shelter and Daauw Home. You have shared the […]

Flashback Memories

Project Kajsiab LaosKajsiab Women Empowerment ActivitiesKajsiab Children Education and CareThank you all for your support, encouragement and help in various ways. Your efforts help the Women of the mountains of Laos to become proud and self confident again and full of hope, working towards a new self sustainable future and a healthy and happy life.A […]

We are Project Kajsiab Laos

We are Project Kajsiab Laos.We are Daauw Kajsiab Team.We promote mutual and respectful understanding between travelers and local people in Laos on culture and customs by encouraging dialogue, sharing daily life together and working together on projects to improve the lives and health of local women and their children and families.We are dedicated to empower […]

Christmas 2020

Do you want to buy something special for the Kajsiab children in Laos for Christmas?Here is the way to do it!Three options:- Buy a gift for friends or relatives and the Kajsiab Women and Children will be so very happy and proud!See the next picture to choose a gift- Give a donation for the upcoming […]

Visit Daauw Home in Huay Xai, Laos

Huay Xai is yet another place in Laos that has a number of different ways to spell its name, including Huay Xay and Hoauy Xai. This town sits on the border between Thailand and Laos, and in this sense it often operates as a simple entry and exit point.Another big reason why people pass through […]

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