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Kajsiab Children Education: Up to College

3 of our young people at Kajsiab will go to college upcoming year – that is – only if we can find funding.This is LilyWe have been very worried about Lily the whole past year. Lily graduated and needs to go to college. Lily is an orphan who first went to orphanage school.She never had […]

May 2020 Kajsiab Kids Profile: Siiwaa

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. Gandhi              Baauw and SiiwaaBaauw came 8 years ago to Kajsiab Shelter, and started working as a trainee at Daauw Home.  Baauw was refused to marry the man she was in love with. After a few years – full […]

May 2020 Kajsiab Team Profile: Baauw

Hi everybody!Now the rains are coming soon in Laos at Project Kajsiab Shelter…..we need to prepare for the rains.Meanwhile the Kajsiab children are having a good time!There is such a difference – at Kajsiab Shelter or in a mountain village.These days in a village most of the people struggling to survive and the children growing […]

Kajsiab Kids Profile Ong May 2020

Meet Ong!Hi everybody!I am 18 years old.My Village where I was born and lived is Baan Pha Dang. This is about half way to Luang Prabang.I lived here until Zjong took me to Kajsiab Shelter when I was 10 years oldMy mother died due to cancer, struggling for 6 years. My father was not always […]

May 2020 Kajsiab Kids Profile Hnong

This is HnongHnong is a ten-year-old girl. She has had two fathers, and they both passed away, due to drug related issues and addiction. Hnong was moving from house to house with her mother and siblings after that, having no decent place to stay and no rights to be anywhere.Finally, her mother found Kajsiab. Now […]

May 2020 Kajsiab Team Profile – Leej

We are all very proud of the Kajsiab people in these challenging times. We are also very proud of our young people who try to build up a better life, break the cycle of poverty.Proud of all the young people educate their selves, try to learn new skills, try to do their best at school.At […]

Blog 1 May 2020 – Lock down update

We want to wish you all good health in these times.For everybody there are many challenges to face right now, as also with our Project Kajsiab Laos.Our self-sustainability activities Daauw Restaurant and Daauw Guesthouse are now closed.The children cannot go to school but get homeschooling.The markets are empty.There is almost no food or rice available […]

April 2020 – Lock down update

Love you all……Like a drop in the vast ocean, each of us causes ripples as we move through our lives. The effects of whatever we do – insignificant as it may seem – spread out beyond us. We may never know what far-reaching impact even the simplest action might have on our fellow people. But […]

Storm in Laos 2020 Repairs Update

28 – 4 – 2020 Storm in Laos 2020 update!Helping each other to help others. A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple……Thanks to all of you and thanks to the very hard work of all the Kajsiab people the roofs are now fixed. Still need to do other renovation and repair works but everybody in Kajsiab […]

Storm in Laos 2020 Update

25 – 4 – 2020Hello Friends of KajsiabThere was a devastating storm 2 nights ago in Laos…Below here in the pictures you can see with pictures what happened. Like many, due to Corona, we had to close our restaurant and home stay, our only income to feed the 45 women and children.To complete the disaster, this […]