Pawnia’s Dreams

We all love these quotes.
"If you can Dream it, you can Do it."
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
The Kajsiab Children dare to Dream.
Thanks to their education.
Kajsiab houses and cares for 23 children from the mountains.
People can not even imagine the hardship that some of them encountered.
I could write books and books about their stories.

These days in a village most of the people struggling to survive and the children growing up in that, they never have dreams for the future because they think they can never realize it anyway.
They used to be self-sustainable growing their own crops and only had problems when they had to go to hospital but now so many things have changed.
Many young people think they can take care for their families when they start selling drugs because they had no other education. Many young people get pregnant very soon because there is no birth control or sexual education about the STD's. So HPV is spreading rapidly.

At Kajsiab Shelter the children have dreams. They feel safe. They do not think about drugs at all. They think about what school they want to go to and what job they want to do when they grow up.
We have built up this project bottom up - which means now it is very successful with the mountain people. Kajsiab Team is so very dedicated and works so well together now , everybody is doing their part and the atmosphere is amazing. 

This is the story of Pawnia.
Before Pawnia was born, his parents had cows. They had a good and happy life.
Unfortunately, they had to leave their village and had to move to the other side of Laos, far far away from their roots.
They had a very hard couple of years, living in extreme poverty. His mother almost died in a fire on the ricefield.
After that Pawnia was born.
They moved again when Pawnia was 2 years old to a village deep in the mountains about an hour drive from Huay Xai, where Kajsiab Laos is located.
The family still struggled and was very poor but they could manage, trying to survive and living by the day

When Pawnia was 8 years old he came to the Kajsiab Shelter. Things changed so much for him. Instead of trying to survive day by day he always had enough food and he went to a very good school.
Pawnia is 17 years old now. He called me the other day. He realized what his dream is and he wanted to tell me. He told me he will put all his work and dedication to becoming a translator. He says Project Kajsiab Laos needs a translator and he will always be able to help the project then. Also, Laos needs translators and he will always have a job and make sure he can take care of his future family.
I want to support children with dreams and with dedication.
I need your help to help him.
From next month on I will coach Pawnia 3 times a week. I will help him with learning English and will encourage him to become even more dedicated, full of confidence and strength.

Kajsiab Shelter cares for the children and feeds them, keeps them healthy and make sure they feel safe and happy. Kajsiab Shelter has no money for the education costs.
These children need sponsors.
Please be the sponsor of Pawnia.
We need a better more equally divided world. Can you help us to realize this?