Back to school! Kajsiab Kids 2020

Why does Kajsiab Shelter help children to go to school in Laos, a developing country?
Education combats poverty and is the best guarantee of a job. It also helps reduce child labour, because a child cannot work while attending school.
In Laos in most villages the children go to the rice fields instead of going to school........

Education and employment enable girls, women and young people to make their own choices in life.....
Last week the school began......time to buy clothes and pay the school fees!
Our Kajsiab kids are all so dedicated to go to school and in Laos being able to go to school is a privilege so many in the small villages do not have.
Thanks to some donations Zjong bought clothes for all the Kajsiab Kids; uniforms, shoes, books, bags, belts.......
Every child received clothes worth 70 euro in total to have a good start for this school year!
Thank you all so much!
With Covid-19 prices have gone up and clothes cost more in Laos than in the Netherlands because all borders are still closed.
So good to see all these happy faces!

For our 23 Kajsiab Children Kajsiab Shelter needs to make a first payment of 2300 euro and in another 3 months another 2300 euro for clothes and fees.
We are trying to get funds together but due to Corona time we were not able to save from income restaurant and homestay.
We were able to pay for about half of the kids first monthly payment. So now Zjong and Lara need to work hard to get the funds together for school fees for all upcoming months.
You can help us!
Every euro counts.
Donate Now

Thank you all so much for your help! What we are still learning this year is that Together we are Strong.
So thank you, thank you Kajsiab Team, thank you all volunteers, guests, funds and sponsors, we can do this together, to make the world a better place.
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