Leej College Fund

Leej College Fund

We are all very proud of the Kajsiab people in these challenging times.
We are also very proud of our young people who try to build up a better life, break the cycle of poverty.
Proud of all the young people educate their selves, try to learn new skills, try to do their best at school
Very proud of the Kajsiab Team working so hard in developing new activities to cover daily running costs of Kajsiab Shelter....
Zjong is making movies on youtube channel. Have a look here:

Kajsiab Productions

Pawnia is learning English to become a translator for Daauw Home and his own future.
Leej is learning webdesign for our future Daauw Webdesign nonprofit company for foodcosts Kajsiab Shelter.
Au and Waa are making chicken houses on the Organic Farm to start raising chickens.
Baauw is writing stories.

At this moment we are all especially proud of Leej, who is so dedicated to learn webdesign and website building and to become better at English.
Leej is an orphan and had nobody to take care of him at age 8. We can’t imagine what he has been going through.
But now he is a young man and so very dedicated to break this cycle of poverty and to be an example for the other young kids at Kajsiab.
Leej is getting training from Love Marketers since 6 months and he is learning every single day to become better at his work and more skilled. He already has his own unique style that is like the Hmong people love; very colorful, bright, and beautiful, like their traditional clothing and embroidery.
Here is some of Leej's latest work: 

We all need to work together in this world to end the cycle of poverty for so many of our children. No access to school, no money to pay for education tools and materials is unfortunately a reality for many.
All the Kajsiab children come from very hard circumstances when they were young. The hardships of poverty we only see in movies has been a daily reality for all of them.
You can help Leej with his education!
Leej just graduated from high school.

It breaks my heart if Project Kajsiab Laos has supported the kids so long, once they can’t go to college they have to go back into the poverty.
To get 1 young person to support going to college, including room, food and all basic needs costs 3000 euros per year.
The Project had this idea that Leej can work for his education costs. For him that is very good for his self-confidence and perseverance and in addition, Leej continues to learn with website design. He would then work with the Project online two days a week. Then he would pay college costs back to the project in that way.
We are looking for 3 or 4 companies who can donate each 50 or 75 euro a month or around 15 people who can pay each 15 euro a month. Those groups would then donate to the project and Leej works for the project to pay back his college costs.
Those companies would of course get something in return, like Christmas presents for their employees or a short time stay at the project location’s Daauw Homestay and Daauw Farm.

Contact Lara: projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com
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