Christmas 2020

Do you want to buy something special for the Kajsiab children in Laos for Christmas?
Here is the way to do it!
Three options:
- Buy a gift for friends or relatives and the Kajsiab Women and Children will be so very happy and proud!
See the next picture to choose a gift
- Give a donation for the upcoming year of Kajsiab Kids Education fund for school fees, uniforms, books and shoes. You decide the amount you wish to give! Go to and click donate
- Send a package directly to Laos! Send toys, clothes, pens or drawing material in a package to
Daauw Home Laos
P.O. Box 372
Huay Xai, Bokeo
Lao P.D.R

Wallhangings/tablecovers. 16 euro per pieces. Handmade artwork from the women of Project Kajsiab Laos

Beautiful handmade bags and hats from Kajsiab Women's Workplace in Laos. Profits go to the women of Kajsiab Shelter. Between 8 and 16 euro.

Wallhangings/tablecovers. 16 euro per pieces. Handmade artwork from the women of Project Kajsiab LaosHandmade tablecover made by the women of the mountains in Laos. 30 euro.

Beautiful painting from artist Hanneke. Profits go to the education of the Kajsiab Children. 300 Euro

Bounchan Sport Football Initiative “High on Football”
Bounchan has been working for the past years on his very own initiative: organizing football teams with young boys from small villages, trying to get the boys out of their toxin environment where amfethamine drugs is a daily business and trying to create enthousiasm for football

Bounchan’s personal project literary translated “do not get addicted to drugs but get addicted to football”
We are very proud of Bounchan and wish him all the luck with this project in covid times.
 At the same time Bounchan continues his work at Kajsiab Shelter and the self sustainability activities Daauw Home Guesthouse and Restaurant.
 If you wish to support Bounchan’s amazing Initiative you can donate through and specify Bounchan Football Teams

Become involved with woman empowerment and become a long term member of Kajsiab Women Empowerment Program: Sponsor one of the women here on a monthly basis, for example See, donating a set amount each month for clothing, medicine, future plans and help to fund their trainee program. Program costs are around 3000 euro a year for one woman. Each woman is earning their own money during the program time; she is able to save money for her future plans. Usually women become self sustainable after a 3 year period at Kajsiab. Monthly donations from individuals can be 20 euro or 50 or 200 euro a month, or any other amount. Contact us if you want to be part of the Women Empowerment Activities by email

Kajsiab Creations, handmade local     products from the Women’s Workplace at Project Kajsiab Laos.
We are Hmong people from Laos living at the Kajsiab Shelter. In our Women's Workoplace we make beautiful embroidered art work. We are very proud of our skills that we have learned from our mothers and grandmothers.
To make one piece of embroidery takes many days and many hours of patiently sitting together, sew and talk about life, while ate the same time watching our children and feed our babies.