We are Project Kajsiab Laos

We are Project Kajsiab Laos.
We are Daauw Kajsiab Team.
We promote mutual and respectful understanding between travelers and local people in Laos on culture and customs by encouraging dialogue, sharing daily life together and working together on projects to improve the lives and health of local women and their children and families.
We are dedicated to empower the mountain people of Laos.
We seek to improve the lives of the Lao people in Bokeo Province in Northern Laos through partnerships and exchange activities between the local people and volunteers .  If you are interested in volunteering, you can read more about it on the volunteering page or apply using this form

Zjong and Nzoua from the Lao mountains and Lara from the Netherlands launched Project Kajsiab Laos 10 years ago. Since 2010 the project is supported by Kajsiab Foundation in the Netherlands. Nzoua and Lara are not the owners of the Project; the mountain people are.
Zjong and Lara and the other core team members do not receive a salary from the Project

It has been a rough and challenging ride, a completely new way of building up a project.
We can proudly say, looking back at the past 10 years that the project, completely owned, managed and run by the Lao mountain people is a success story.

The local mountain people know the project through word of mouth up to the other side of Laos and into Vietnam. Women and children come to the Shelter from many different villages and once they go back to their village each one of them can tell the world their own success story of healing and transforming , learning and eventually building up a happy and healthy self sustainable life with their children.

We believe that the main reason of our success is the way we have slowly built up the project by not only working together but also living together as a small community. We work individually focused and are a very small project that can only help a small number of people a year, but we reach out far, like a small stone you throw in the river and creates many ripples.

We will use the following years to build up the last part of the project in order to not only be very successfull but also to be completely self sustainable; with the help of many people and also the Dutch Foundation Wilde Ganzen we are building op an Organic farm for independent constant food supply.
We will also work on new projects in the villages and need a 4WD to be able to reach out to the ethnic communities and share information and help with communication and access to healthcare and education.

We can use your help!
We need funds to be able to achieve self-sustainability and any ideas, support, donations and other forms of help are very welcome! You can donate through www.daauwvillagelaos.com or send us an email at projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com for any other ways of help. Thank you so much for your ongoing encouraging interest and support

Project Kajsiab Laos is financed by Daauw Home, a Restaurant and Home Stay where travelers can stay and eat and where they can interact with the mountain people. This exchange improves understanding of each others culture and customs and creates a more open minded and tolerant environment. Through the exchange between volunteers and mountain people, living and working together at Daauw Home, people develop a deeper respect and understanding and people learn skills from each others cultures.
Kajsiab Laos is a Shelter/ Walk-in Home where the mountain people of Northern Laos get health information a.o. and where the people from the mountains can sleep and eat free of charge to be able to take care of their family members in the hospital. The city is a completely different world for the people of the mountains and at Kajsiab they have a place to go to where they feel safe and comfortable.
Kajsiab Laos takes on interns from the local mountain villages, mostly divorced women and their children or widows, the group that is trapped in the poverty cycle. The women remain at Daauw Home for periods ranging from anything between a couple of months to several years, and during this time they receive training in the hospitality industry, business and administration matters, the English language and receive a fair monthly salary
Kajsiab Laos has built a Woman's Workplace, that focuses along with the Woman Empowerment Shop on women from the mountains, to teach knowledge and skills to become self sustainable. Local products are made together with the volunteers, a.o. natural soap, pure virgin coconut oil, embroidery, jewelry and bamboo products.
Kajsiab works in the forest area of North Laos, surrounded by valleys, rice fields and about 7 little communities of 200 people, which belong to ethnic minorities like the Hmong, the Lamet and the Lao Lu.
The local people of Bokeo province daily face uncertainties about their basic needs:
- Lack of food
- No access to clear drinking water
- Limited or no access to healthcare
- Shortage of protective clothing
- No stable incomeActivities to support Project:
Organic farm from 2020 on
Daauw Home – Restaurant and Home stay from 2010 on
Exchange between travelers and local people
Info point volunteers
Exchange information between volunteers and local people by working and living together
Activities Project:
Woman Empowerment Shop and women's Workplace
Home stay trainee ships – example for villagers for future local tourism
English conversation courses
Natural Medicine Garden
Education and Care for Kajsiab Children
Women Coaching and Empowerment activities

We are Project Kajsiab Laos.
Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support all these years and thank you for having spent time together as guests and volunteers at our beautiful place Daauw Home!

Contact us for more information, volunteering opportunities or supporting Kajsiab:
Website: www.daauwvillagelaos.com
Email: projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com

You can help us to become self sustainable by buying our beautiful hand embroidered products from the Women's Workplace here: Shop

Some of the items can only be sent once the borders of Laos open again in Covid-19 times. Check by emailing projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com

You can help us to become self sustainable by making a donation for building up the Organic Farm here: Donate

You can help the Kajsiab Children to break the cycle of poverty and get a good education by making a donation for school and education here: Donate