Leej education Luang Prabang

Leej made it to Luang Prabang!
Kajsiab had not enough funds to cover education costs so we are still short about 2000 euro.
But thanks to some amazing people who have previously been volunteers Leej could make a first start.

Leej was able to pay entrance fees and one year rent for a room.
Zjong borrowed money to pay for interior, uniforms and shoes.

Leej will work every week on website design, our newest activity to have income to pay for food and monthly bills at Kajsiab Shelter.
This will be Leej’s contribution to the project and will get him a small amount each month to cover living costs.

You can help him!
Donate directly : HERE
Donate each month 10 euro (or any amount) on
Stichting Project Kajsiab Laos
Roskamstraat 6
4564 EK Sint Jansteen
The Netherlands
Bank: Rabobank Hulst
Adress: Stationsweg 14
4561 GB Hulst
The Netherlands
IBAN: NL79 RABO 0140 8078 10

Good luck Leej!