Kajsiab Kids Profile Ong May 2020

Meet Ong!

Hi everybody!
I am 18 years old.
My Village where I was born and lived is Baan Pha Dang. This is about half way to Luang Prabang.
I lived here until Zjong took me to Kajsiab Shelter when I was 10 years old

My mother died due to cancer, struggling for 6 years. My father was not always there and I took care of my little brother by myself.
I had to go from house to house to find us some food.
My life was very hard, until Zjong took me to the Shelter. I am very happy here and I really like school.
With my family however things did not go so well.
My father died 2 years ago due to heart attack.
My stepmother has advanced cancer now. I feel very lucky I can stay with Zjong now. I feel now I can have a life.

When I think about the nice things when I was a child in the village I think about how I used to really like to play with marbles, and with elastics in the village.
Now I love football and Kato (small wooden ball)

I want to grow up and I want to continue school and become a guide or owner of tourism activities

Ong wants to CHANGE his live, from SURVIVING, drug abuse and poverty, towards LIVING, a self-sustainable, powerful and healthy life.
Send us a message today and choose how you want to join and make the difference!

HELP US to make a difference in the world! Every small step can create MIRACLES..........

This is a beautiful video from Gary, our volunteer who visited us a few years ago. The song is from the Hmong people and is about how to end poverty; to go to school………
Let us all remember the most important thing in the world for all of us: Break the Circle of Poverty! Support Education!