May 2020 Kajsiab Team Profile: Baauw

Hi everybody!
Now the rains are coming soon in Laos at Project Kajsiab Shelter…..we need to prepare for the rains.
Meanwhile the Kajsiab children are having a good time!

There is such a difference - at Kajsiab Shelter or in a mountain village.
These days in a village most of the people struggling to survive and the children growing up in that, they never have dreams for the future because they think they can never realize it anyway.
They used to be self-sustainable growing their own crops and only had problems when they had to go to hospital but now so many things have changed.
Many young people think they can take care for their families when they start selling drugs because they had no other education. Many young people get pregnant very soon because there is no birth control or sexual education about the STD's. So HPV is spreading rapidly.
At Kajsiab Shelter the children have dreams. They feel safe. They do not think about drugs at all. They think about what school they want to go to and what job they want to do when they grow up.
We have built up this project bottom up - which means now it is very successful with the mountain people. Kajsiab Team is so very dedicated and works so well together now , everybody is doing their part and the atmosphere is amazing.

This is Baauw.
Baauw is 16 years old and is the first child who came to Kajsiab Shelter 10 years ago.
She is a very smart young woman and already a mother She is living at the Daauw Farm with her husband and beautiful baby Hendii.
Baauw will be working with volunteer groups who will visit the Farm in the future. She is very good at English and enjoys the cultural exchange a lot.

Baauw also started working for the website building and website design activities we have been working on for the past 4 months with Leej.
Baauw will be writing stories and making pictures of all the Kajsiab Children so we can share more about their lives on the website and in the newsletters.

She will also make sure all the daily bills are collected and all expenses are written down. She will then show them to Zjong and when Zjong has checked them she will give them to Leej, who will put them in excel document.

The mountain people are becoming more and more independent in their own project!
So proud of everybody!

This is Baauw’s first photo collection to share the work on the farm with all of you

This is Luna!

Baauw's story about Luna

Luna is a very sweet and nice child and really likes babies.
She is fun, talks very sweet, and is most of the time happy.
Luna is 4 years now.
Luna loves her father, mother and younger brother Sky. Her father’s name is Jaa and her mother’s name is Mia Jaa, Ku and her younger brothers name is Sky.
The family of Luna is the family who she loves the most. She really likes to learn but she can’t go to school yet, her parents have no money yet to send her to school.
Her parents are really busy trying to earn money.
But Luna isn’t mad at her mom and dad she understands them but everyday she sees everyone go to school that makes her really wants to go to school too.
She likes to draw, and she really likes the color pink.
She is very happy all the time and if anyone is around, she is even more happy!
She listens to her parents very well, but only when she feels like because of course she is very naughty like her parents.

Bye everybody!