Update Family Vue & Kajsiab Laos-January 14, 2020

Family Vue update

Dear Friends of Kajsiab,

From Netherlands on our way to make a difference.....We have spent 12 years mostly in Laos, but now we work voluntarily behind the scenes in Netherlands full time for Project Kajsiab Laos. Once a year we stay for a few months at the project location with our whole family, living and working together with the Kajsiab team and children. This week we finally arrived again at Project Kajsiab Laos Shelter and Daauw Home. For the next coupls of month we will focus on: Launching Daauw Farm, doing coaching sessions and training, developing new workshops and initiating our new Health Project to prevent STD's and HPV virus in cooperation with Shilpa from Aseemkala Initiative.

For now....celebrating our arrival and enjoying our time with the Kajsiab women and children!

Kajsiab Laos update

Daily Needs Fundraising: Support Woman Empowerment and Children's Care and receive most amazing artwork embroideries!

We spent the last week getting and overview what is needed at the shelter. We could use your help! Our washing machine broke down! After 10 years of excellent service and many repairs we are now back to hand washing. We spend our days mostly with washing, like in the old days in the very beginning of the project! Nostalgic, yes, but not very efficient. 

We have not had many donations during Christmas time, most probably because we got so much help during Zjong's illness. We are so very grateful for that. Now we face new challenges and need to focus on the daily life necessities and we highly depend on donations for that. 

Daauw Home income has decreased since the opening of the friendship bridge border gradually and goes steadily downwards. Travelers do not stay in Huay Xai anymore. 
We have tried to get different ways of income and we WILL succeed in that, we are welcoming more and more groups who do cultural exchange activities together with the mountain people, we are launching our organic Daauw Farm and we will soon launch or re-start of Daauw Lounge with a different formula. However, new initiatives takes time.

For now we need immediate help and would want to ask you if anybody is in the possibility to help us out for the daily life needs, most importantly a washing machine, 6 fans and 4 mattresses. Costs of a washing machine is 350 euro, a fan is 40 euro, 6 fans 240 euro and a mattress is 100 euro, 4 mattresses 400 euro.

We will give you one of the beautiful embroideries from the women who live in the villages for every 100 euro you donate.

We support the women who make amazing wall hangings and tablecloths. They do not live at the shelter and thanks to Project Kajsiab Laos they have some extra cash for food and healthcare for their children.

You can donate through www.daauwvillagelaos.com and specify : Daily Needs Fundraising. Send us a message or email for your address to ship embroideries! projectkajsiablaos@gmail.com

Let's work together in supporting Local Initiatives, Woman Empowerment and Children's Care!

Good Luck and Happiness,

from the whole Kajsiab Team

For monthly donations donate to the Kajsiab Foundation account:

Stichting Project Kajsiab Laos
Roskamstraat 6
4564 EK Sint Jansteen
The Netherlands

Bank: Rabobank Hulst
Adress: Stationsweg 14
4561 GB Hulst
The Netherlands
IBAN: NL79 RABO 0140 8078 10