On Mother’s Day with Zjong telling her story to other women in Laos – 12 May 2019

Zjong telling her story to other women in Laos

On Mother's day we traveled 8 hours and arrived back in Laos in the evening, to be surrounded by all the women of Project Kajsiab Laos and our children..... Zjong told her story, expressed her many different emotions and started her healing process, physically and emotionally. In 3 days we know if the cancer has gone.....fingers crossed! 

Meanwhile I am talking with different hospitals in Laos and Thailand to try to develop a prevention and screening program HPV and cervical cancer at Project Kajsiab Laos for the adolescents of the mountain population in our shelter and in the villages in collaboration with an OB GYNE who used to do voluntary work with us and has a foundation now working towards TRANSFORMING MEDICINE THROUGH TRADITIONAL DANCE.

More information will follow! You can still donate, we still are about 30 percent short for the hospital and surgery bill. Thank you all so much!

Donations still needed www.daauwvillagelaos.com ....thank you so so so very much........ 

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