Zjong can have her surgery to have uterus removed – 8 May 2019

Zjong having soup

7 May, Chiang Mai.

Zjong had an appointment with the doctor after a long trip with the bus.
Super service. Super hospital. Finally some decent explanations and detailed information. 
Zjong has gone rapidly towards next stage cancer. 

Doctor tried to find options to keep uterus, but too dangerous.
Cone Biopsy surgery healed well so Zjong can have her surgery to have uterus removed tomorrow! 
Great news since all of us are scared that the cancer is growing too fast.  Funds still short 2/3rd of the whole amount needed.

We are so grateful for your donations and would want to ask all of you to help one more time....all small amounts make together a huge difference!

I can use my credit card for 1/3rd of the amount so we need within 2 days the other 1/3rd either in donations or as a loan. We are open for anything, to save Zjong's life! Thank you all so much

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