Zjong’s Successful Surgery – 10 May 2019

Zjong going in to the surgery room
Zjong taking rest after the surgery
Zjong transferred to her room after the suregery

9 May 2019

Successful Surgery. The doctor phoned us immediately at the operatig room to let us know all went well. He is my super hero now, saving my sisters life. Zjong Vue you are amazing and so strong....now it is time to rest and gain your strength and become healthy again.

Right before you went to the operation room you told me that when so many people love you, all over the world, help you and support you, you really need to stay in this world. For all of them. Yes, you do, and you will. There is so much for you to do in this life, still, and so much work that only you can do and give to the world, and so many people who see you as their mother....so many kids depending on you.

You have no uterus anymore but your heart is as big as the universe, and you are the great mother of all Kajsiab kids. We all love you.

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