May 2020 Kajsiab Kids Profile: Siiwaa

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. Gandhi

              Baauw and Siiwaa

Baauw came 8 years ago to Kajsiab Shelter, and started working as a trainee at Daauw Home.  Baauw was refused to marry the man she was in love with. A
fter a few years - full of struggles and emotions she did not know what to do with, she found another man and got pregnant. Half way the pregnancy this man left her. Baauw was forced to give labour outside the house according to traditions.

When Baauw finally arrived at Kajsiab, she received a salary and learned all matters of running and building up a homestay and restaurant. Siiwaa could go to a good school.

The first years were very hard for Baauw. When she arrived with us she had no self-esteem at all and was wearing dirty clothes and her daughter had clothes with holes and dirty not combed hair. All they showed was we are not worth anything, keeping clean and good clothes in their bags.

In the following months Kajsiab team worked with Baauw and he learned that she is worth something and that she has amazing skills she did not know about. They taught her how to take care of her daughter and all about hygiene and nutrition.

After a year Baauw blossomed up and her daughter changed into a happy little healthy girl,Who went to school tool. However Baauw still had many deep emotions to deal with and the following year was very hard. She had some old ways of behavior she had to let go of. At this point is still learning and healing every day. She dreamed of someday opening her own home stay or restaurant.

Right now Siiwaa moved to Luang Prabang and her mother is remarried and gave birth to three lovely daughters. Siiwaa stays with her uncle and goes to school in Luang Prabang. She still visits Kajsiab Shelter regularly, as also her mother Baauw. 

We want to help Baauw with her new life, she has a shop now and has also many ideas to open a restaurant.

Baauw needs to have a water system so she can have access to tap water to realize her dream.

We also still support Siiwaa with clothes and school items.

You can always help and support Baauw and Siwaa. For donations just click on the button and you can write a note "Support for Baauw and Siiwaa".

We can all help each other to help others and together make this world a more equal and compassionate place!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams”

Kajsiab Child Care and Education 
2010 – Since we opened in 2010 Kajsiab was initially focused on mostly women and family issues.
2013 - Since 2013 we made a major switch in the project and started to take more children in.

“It is amazing to see the children being so scared and sometimes broken or traumatized and after staying here for a while blossoming up, feeling safe, eating healthy food.”

“I will never forget the face of Ing going for the first time to school at age 11....that smile......”can I really do something just for me?” And the smile I got two weeks ago from Mai (whose mother does not want her now they are divorced and even beat her up when she tried to come to see her mother for food) when she came in and I took her into bath, removing the lice from her head and giving her a princess dress on (like a long dress with flowers).”

Kajsiab Shelter tries to teach both mother and child social skills, loving care, hygiene, self-confidence, improve mother-child relationship, and tries to make sure all the Kajsiab children get proper education.