First Step Towards Healing – 8 April 2019

In two days Zjong and Jie go to the hospital again for X -Ray and operation. The doctor will also tell the women how much the cancer has spread and what treatment they need.

We have already 675 euro. For this first step towards healing costs will be around 1200 euro.

Both Zjong and Jie started a diet that can help to slow cancer down and help them to get a bit stronger, while being treated in hospital. For the Kajsiab Children this is a very hard time too, as also for Zjong's husband. Some of the children lost their mother to cancer and Zjong is like a mother to them. They fear now that they will lose her too. Zjong's husband also lost his mother to cancer and only a few years ago his father died.

Let us all send them positive energy and you can send me any messages or pictures, or small video's from you to send to Zjong; this will sure help in her healing and mind set, she is very down and she needs to focus on positive thinking. Seeing a bit more from all of you and your lives and remembering the time she had with you sure will help! Donations are very welcome and we thank you all for your love and care for Zjong and for all the people of Kajsiab Laos.

This is Zjong in this movie a few years ago!