Zjong has cervical cancer – 5 April 2019

Zjong was diagnosed with cervical cancer, her stepmother in law who is staying in the shelter with 2 year old and is a widow now has cervical cancer in advanced stage.
As you all know Zjong is the pillar of Project Kajsiab Laos, the organizer of all activities and the care taker of the now 20 children in the shelter, she is the great mother of them all and she knows from every single child what they love, what they hate, what clothes or foods they like, which illness they easily get and what they need for love.

The hospital estimates treatment for Zjong between 2500 en 5000 euro and her stepmother in law 5000 to 8000 euro.
For cancer treatment this is not so much compared to the western world, but having no healthcare or other funds this is a huge amount.

The doctors told Zjong that she can be cured.

Zjong has first appointment in hospital in 5 days. Any help is so very welcome!
We need to save Zjong and Jie's life! You can help us, we are so grateful for any help from all of you. We try to be positive and we try to focus on healing, on getting the money together to heal them.