Mia Pawau

Mia Pawau, Baauw has been so long with us that now she is a mother
at Kajsiab Projects. By now she is also independent, not living at
Kajsiab anymore, but still being an active member and the Kajsiab
Creations Communication Adviser

Almost 4 years ago, Baauw was pregnant and came with her husband
to Daauw Home because she felt something was wrong. Within a week
her water broke at 7 month pregnancy. At Kajsiab Shelter she was
able to stay with us in a safe environment nearby the hospital and she
gave birth to a tiny healthy baby boy.
She recovered quickly remaining at Kajsiab Shelter and her husband
decided to work at Daauw Home for more than 6 months to pay off
the hospital bills. After these months they both decided to stay for a
while to learn more skills and Baauw helped in the Daauw Home
restaurant while during the day working on handmade products.
One year later they left to start their own life. Baauw’s husband worked in a
small village at a school as a teacher and since Baauw got pregnant very quickly
again she decided to come back to Daauw Home, to make sure this pregnancy
would also be safe. 9 months later she gave birth to a healthy girl, Sai Fon.

A few months later the couple decided to move back to the village. Baauw still
works for Kajsiab Creations, showing more and more own creativity making new
unique products, which is very important since in Laos many women are too shy
to develop new idea’s, they rather copy existing products.
Developing creativity is one of the skills Kajsiab Women’s Workplace focusses
on with all the women at the Kajsiab Shelter.
Baauw just gave birth to another baby and she has decided that 3 children is
good for her own family. With Kajsiab’s help she will together with her husband
decide what kind of birth control they will use from now on.
She is also invited by Kajsiab Women’s Workplace to become the Kajsiab
Communication Adviser between Kajsiab and the women in the villages who make
local products at their own homes while taking care of their children and this
way earning some extra own money to give their children education and
Baauw accepted and we work together since 6 months now, while she also still
makes her own products with Kajsiab Creations.