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Mia Pawau

Mia Pawau, Baauw has been so long with us that now she is a motherat Kajsiab Projects. By now she is also independent, not living atKajsiab anymore, but still being an active member and the KajsiabCreations Communication Adviser.Almost 4 years ago, Baauw was pregnant and came with her husbandto Daauw Home because she felt something […]

Nai Vue

Nai Vue came in 2015 to Kajsiab Shelter. The first months were hard. Trying tokeep her own pride she was not giving her full heart to the project, trying toprotect her own self and emotions. She was working without the full attentionand passion that is needed to make a real change in life and future.After […]

Mia Au

This is Mia Au. Mia Au lives at Kajsiab since she married Au. They chose to live here so they can slowly try to build up a self sustainable life without getting stuck in the poverty cycle with drugs and lack of food and income. Now Mia Au is running the Kajsiab shop so she […]


However eventually the brother also got addicted and instead of her latehusband he sold all land and the house to feed his addiction. After a fatalmoterbike accident she became again a widow.Now she has no house and land left and went from house to house to try to stayfor a few weeks here and there, […]


Happy Kajsiab woman

Nai arrived in Kajsiab Shelter about 18 months ago. She had a lot to deal with and trauma’s to overcome.
Nai decided that then she wanted to go to sewing school. Thanks to a small group of generous loving volunteers she could start her sewing school……..To learn more business skills she will help to launch the second phase of the

Zjong & Bounchan Joshua

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” M. GandhiZjong & BounchanJoshua Zjong is the first woman who came in kajsiab shelter 5 years ago.She has had a very difficult childhood and looked for a way out. When she married at 14,Her husband was already addicted and after a childbirth with many complications her daughter […]

Baaw and Siiwaa

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. GandhiBaauw and Siiwaa Baauw came two years ago to Daauw Home, and started working as a trainee, receiving a salary and learning all matters of running and building up a homestay and restaurant. Baauw was refused to marry the man she was in love with […]