Zjong & Bounchan Joshua

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” M. Gandhi
Zjong & Bounchan

Zjong is the first woman who came in kajsiab shelter 5 years ago.She has had a very difficult childhood and looked for a way out. When she married at 14,Her husband was already addicted and after a childbirth with many complications her daughter died at 8months old. Her addicted husband did not want to pay he hospital costs to treat her diarrhea.

When Zjong arrived with us she was completely traumatized and blocked and had no self-esteem at all.She also thought all that happened was her own fault. After one difficult year Zjong slowly found herself again. She started working the Daauw Home restaurant and homestay and during the following years she has become a Life experience expert and advisor for the girls and women who visit the shelter. She teaches them about health matters for mother and child, nutrition, the importance of self-esteem and self-sustainability and woman empowerment.

Last year Zjong found her life partner Bounchan and together they have a lovely healthy andhappy baby boy Joshua.

Together they run the home stay and restaurant and are advisors in the Kajsiab Shelter.They also work with the cultural exchangeActivities between volunteers and mountain people.

“Live, Laught, Love”
Zjong, Bounchan, Joshua