Zjong did not have the operation – 18 April 2019

Zjong has been to the hospital this morning for a planned second operation. She did not have the operation. The doctors have informed her that the stage of cancer is more advanced than they initially thought.

Next month Zjong has an operation to have her uterus removed. This is a big operation, but the emotional part is even harder for Zjong.

Zjong has tried the past 4 years to have another baby. The news from this morning has been devastating. She is so very sad and hurt right now, her heart is broken.

On top of that in Laos there is no safety net. To have cancer and the psychological impact of having cancer is one thing, but the emotional stress about funds is too hard to handle. Costs of the operation will be 4000 euro.

I have no words right now, just sadness. But I will update all of you within the next couple of days.
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