Volunteer Caleb

Caleb wanted to volunteer in Laos, and chose Daauw Village at Huay Xai to do his volunteering.   He has been with us for three months last year, working with us as a volunteer, combining the cultural exchange with working on his personal future plans. Surrounded with nature and children in Daauw Bungalows, playing his guitar, he managed to focus and find promising new idea’s and goalsfor himself while at the same time encouraging and empowering the mountainpeople, helping them to find their own focus and to create a happy and healthy future.

Caleb helped the women of the project a lot, especially Zjong, who got an understanding connection with him, recognizing a lot in personality. Zjong managed to grow so much more in person because of their cultural exchange. With the children Caleb developed a great bond and especially the boys still ask about him.
Being highly skilled at roofing Caleb decided to work with the Kajsiab Team on renovation and financially sponsored the Team too, funding one of the bungalow roofs. Thanks to Caleb we have been able to completely renovate bungalow 2.
After Caleb’s stay the Kajsiab team remained in contact and a year later he made us all very happy with another visit.
Thank you Caleb for everything that you have done for the Kajsiab Team members, the women, the children, the project as a whole and the roof.
See you soon again!