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Volunteer Caleb

Caleb wanted to volunteer in Laos, and chose Daauw Village at Huay Xai to do his volunteering.   He has been with us for three months last year, working with us as a volunteer, combining the cultural exchange with working on his personal future plans. Surrounded with nature and children in Daauw Bungalows, playing his […]

Volunteer Laure

What a wonderful month it has been with Laure; our long term volunteer. Laure had an immediate connection with the women and children from the mountains on a deeper level, in a way we don’t get to see that much and we have have all cherished our moments with her.Laure’s specialty was to go with […]

Volunteer Jenny

The first year Jenny came to us with her friend Gisèle they volunteered for a month helping out to make new products fort he Women’s Workplace and showing the women new idea’s and teaching them how tob e creative in products and also in Life. They also taught English and French! The women have felt […]

Volunteer Sarah

Sarah  Kajsiab team was very happy to welcome Sarah again.Sarah came for the first time volunteering a few years ago when the project just started. Ever since she has been closely connected to Project Kajsiab Laos. She has been supporting Baauw and Siiwaa for a few years during their training and self-sustainability program.She has also […]

Volunteer Hayley

Hayley Joyell SmithKajsiab team was very happy to welcome Hayley some years ago.Hayley is one of these rare people in the world that have this amazing energy of turning ideas into reality in a very short time. Creating and making it happen immediately just like that. This is what happened when she arrived at Daauw […]

Volunteer in Laos

Leave More Than Just FootprintsVolunteer in Laos at Daauw Home,Kajsiab Project, HauyXai, North LaosEarly in the year of 2004 Nzoua Vue’s was beset by tragedy. His beloved sister, Kajsiab, died a preventable death due a minor infection and in adequate health care. She was thirteen years old. Sadly, this grievous loss is not an unusual […]