Volunteer Laure

What a wonderful month it has been with Laure; our long term volunteer. Laure had an immediate connection with the women and children from the mountains on a deeper level, in a way we don’t get to see that much and we have have all cherished our moments with her.

Laure’s specialty was to go with the mountainpeople’s natural flow and meanwhile get many things done in such an effortless way that we were all amazed how she did this. She has a natural gift to combine the western rush with eastern calmth and all the women and children learned a lot from her even by just observing her ways.
Laure really enjoyed to do creative workshops with the children and the women.
She will continue to work for Kajsiab with the Women’s Kajsiab Creations Webshop and we do hope she will come back many times from now.

Thank you so much Laure for our time together...