Volunteer Sarah

Kajsiab team was very happy to welcome Sarah again.
Sarah came for the first time volunteering a few years ago when the project just started. Ever since she has been closely connected to Project Kajsiab Laos. She has been supporting Baauw and Siiwaa for a few years during their training and self-sustainability program.
She has also supported Kajsiab in various ways; paying for a ricebill, supporting the purchase of the Shelter, helping with building up and donating a big amount to help heal Zjong.
Sarah has been visiting Daauw Home almost every year to see with her own eyes how Kajsiab has grown and see her friends and the women and children she is supporting.
Sarah is not only an amazing person and a beautiful soul, she also is encouraging the women and children to find their own gift and supporting them unconditionally during the growing and learning process.
Sarah also became a personal friend of some team members and founders.
Thank you Sarah for everything that you have done for the Kajsiab Team members, the women, the children, the project as a whole and being your very true self, being an example and role model for all of us women.
See you soon again!