Volunteer Hayley

Hayley Joyell Smith
Kajsiab team was very happy to welcome Hayley some years ago.
Hayley is one of these rare people in the world that have this amazing energy of turning ideas into reality in a very short time. Creating and making it happen immediately just like that. This is what happened when she arrived at Daauw Home Restaurant.

Hayley is a specialist Geology and Philosophy and graduated in Masters of Science in Earth Science
Hayley: Water systems shape society. Depending on where you are in the world and what water technologies or systems are in place have a deep impact on the quality of life. The decisions communities make have lasting affects on their economy, livelihood, recreation, and long-term viability.  In order to make good sustainable decision, accurate and concise education is essential.

That day, Hayley talked around the campfire of Daauw Home with other travellers and as usual the fire created a warm cozy atmosphere, making a perfect setting for new creative ideas, new life directions and important decisions about the path of life. A perfect setting for a new project too: a project to make Kajsiab Shelter a septic tank for the toilet.
And then Hayley’s energy came in, before the next morning she actually turned the idea into reality and the upcoming week the whole Kajsiab team, some volunteers and visitors and Hayley managed to build a whole new septic tank.
You can read all about it in this blog full of beautiful stories and pictures of kajsiab setting and Kajsiab team members, the local people from the mountains.