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Crisis Kajsiab Shelter October 2020

Update Kajsiab Shelter in Laos October 2020: We are by now in serious trouble and there is a chance that all children will have to quit school and that Kajsiab Shelter will have to close its doors.Setting up the new self-sustaining activities takes a lot of time and is very difficult online.We work day and night […]

Pawnia’s Dreams

We all love these quotes.”If you can Dream it, you can Do it.””The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”The Kajsiab Children dare to Dream.Thanks to their education.Kajsiab houses and cares for 23 children from the mountains.People can not even imagine the hardship that some of them encountered.I could write […]

Happy Birthday

Last week we at Kajsiab Shelter celebrated the birthdays of 5 children!Thanks to your help and to the commitment of Kajsiab Team we can try to meet the needs of the Kajsiab Children.Besides education, we give the children books to go to school with, extra trainings they need and provide them with clean clothes and […]

Leej education Luang Prabang

Leej made it to Luang Prabang!Kajsiab had not enough funds to cover education costs so we are still short about 2000 euro.But thanks to some amazing people who have previously been volunteers Leej could make a first start. Leej was able to pay entrance fees and one year rent for a room.Zjong borrowed money to […]

Leej College Fund

Leej College FundWe are all very proud of the Kajsiab people in these challenging times.We are also very proud of our young people who try to build up a better life, break the cycle of poverty.Proud of all the young people educate their selves, try to learn new skills, try to do their best at […]

Back to school! Kajsiab Kids 2020

Why does Kajsiab Shelter help children to go to school in Laos, a developing country?Education combats poverty and is the best guarantee of a job. It also helps reduce child labour, because a child cannot work while attending school.In Laos in most villages the children go to the rice fields instead of going to school…….. […]

Kajsiab Children Education: Up to College

3 of our young people at Kajsiab will go to college upcoming year – that is – only if we can find funding.This is LilyWe have been very worried about Lily the whole past year. Lily graduated and needs to go to college. Lily is an orphan who first went to orphanage school.She never had […]

May 2020 Kajsiab Kids Profile: Siiwaa

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. Gandhi              Baauw and SiiwaaBaauw came 8 years ago to Kajsiab Shelter, and started working as a trainee at Daauw Home.  Baauw was refused to marry the man she was in love with. After a few years – full […]

May 2020 Kajsiab Team Profile: Baauw

Hi everybody!Now the rains are coming soon in Laos at Project Kajsiab Shelter…..we need to prepare for the rains.Meanwhile the Kajsiab children are having a good time!There is such a difference – at Kajsiab Shelter or in a mountain village.These days in a village most of the people struggling to survive and the children growing […]

Kajsiab Kids Profile Ong May 2020

Meet Ong!Hi everybody!I am 18 years old.My Village where I was born and lived is Baan Pha Dang. This is about half way to Luang Prabang.I lived here until Zjong took me to Kajsiab Shelter when I was 10 years oldMy mother died due to cancer, struggling for 6 years. My father was not always […]