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On Mother’s Day with Zjong telling her story to other women in Laos – 12 May 2019

Zjong in Laos surronded by women

On Mother’s day we traveled 8 hours and arrived back in Laos in the evening, to be surrounded by all the women of Project Kajsiab Laos and our children….. Zjong told her story, expressed her many different emotions and started her healing process, physically and emotionally. In 3 days we know if the cancer has […]

Zjong on her way to life saving surgery – 10 May 2019

9 May 2019 On her way to life saving surgery. Zjong will have her surgery in about 30 minutes. Zjong, you such a strong powerful woman, good luck!Still short of funds, you can help us pay the hospital in 3 days through: www.daauwvillagelaos.comThank you all so much for supporting Zjong Vue! Click the Donate Now or Email us […]

Zjong can have her surgery to have uterus removed – 8 May 2019

7 May, Chiang Mai. Zjong had an appointment with the doctor after a long trip with the bus. Super service. Super hospital. Finally some decent explanations and detailed information. Zjong has gone rapidly towards next stage cancer.  Doctor tried to find options to keep uterus, but too dangerous. Cone Biopsy surgery healed well so Zjong can have her […]

Last night Women’s Surprise Treat Day – 6 May 2019

zjong trying herbal treatment

Yesterday we left to the hospital in Thailand. Last night Women’s Surprise Treat Day: caring for ourselves, treating ourselves, loving ourselves to be able to give extra love, power and strength and beat this ugly illness….  Today very early Jie had an X-Ray and Zjong another appointment. Jie, Zjong’s stepmother in law, has advanced cancer […]

Zjong will have the operation to remove the uterus – 30 April 2019

We have had a meeting with the doctors in Chiang Rai hospital about Zjong’s operation and possible further treatment.As you all know Zjong is the pillar of Project Kajsiab Laos, the organizer of all activities and the care taker of the now 20 children in the shelter. We are completely dependent on donations for Zjong’s […]